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Vitality Works adopts best practice in the secure, efficient and quality delivery of workplace immunisation services that save employers time and money.

Reduce absenteeism – immunised staff take less sick days. Independent studies demonstrate that workplace influenza programs lower absenteeism rates by at least 43%.

Why it works:

  • Vitality Works provides a flexible nationwide service including a convenient online booking system which provides email and sms reminders to your employees on the day of their appointment
  • You can access the Program Management Portal so that you can view the status of your locations, dates and bookings throughout the duration of the program
  • We provide a comprehensive report with detailed participation rates by department, division, location and cost centre number where appropriate
  • To ensure the greatest uptake, we include the following professionally created promotional tools to engage your employees:
    • Digital posters and flyers – to distribute in common areas
    • Online marketing tools – staggered email communications to assist you in your promotion
    • Electronic personalised consent cards – for all online appointments
    • Flu Champion packs for each site
    • Lollypops to all vaccinated employees


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