Onsite Health Check

Onsite Health Checks are conducted onsite by experienced and qualified health practitioners who ensure employees feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process.

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All results are received on the spot and are 100% confidential. Employees will receive their own personal results booklet with assistance to help to decipher what their results mean and where they can go to access further information.

Onsite Health Checks are an important element of any health and wellbeing program as they identify areas of risk. Onsite Health Checks also provide a baseline measure and understanding of the health of the organisation as a whole.  The results of the health checks can be used to develop a tailored, efficacious program that addresses the identified risks in your organisation. We can also arrange onsite skin checks, massages and ergonomic services.

How it works

  • A quick yet comprehensive onsite health check that allows employees to gain an understanding of their health risk particularly assessing for type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • Vitality Works provides a flexible nationwide service including a convenient online booking system
  • The results of the health checks help to measure the impact and ROI of your organisation’s health program and strategy

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